How To Use The Secret



How To Use   The Secret

You are a creator, and there is an easy process to create using the
 law of attraction. The greatest teachers and avatars have shared 
the Creative Process through their wondrous work, in a myriad of
 forms. Some great teachers created stories to demonstrate how the 
Universe works. The wisdom contained in their stories has been 
handed down through the centuries and has become legendary.
 Many people living today do not realize that the essence of these 
stories is the very truth of life.


If you think about Aladdin and his lamp, Aladdin picks up the 
lamp, dusts it off, and out pops the Genie. The Genie always 
says one thing:
 "Your wish is my command!" 

The story now goes that there are three wishes, hut if you 

                                                          How to Use the Secret 46
 trace the story back to its origins there's absolutely no limit 
whatsoever to the wishes. 

Think about that one.

 Now, let's take this metaphor and apply it to your life.
 Remember Aladdin is the one who always asks for what he 
wants. Then you've got the Universe at large, which is the
 Genie. Traditions have called it so many things—your holy
 guardian angel, your higher self. We can put any label on
 it, and you choose the one that works best for you, but every
tradition has told us there's something bigger than us. And
 the Genie always says one thing: 

"Your wish is my command!" 

This wonderful story demonstrates how your whole life and ev-
erything in it has been created by You. The Genie has simply an-
swered your every command. The Genie is the law of attraction,
 and it is always present and always listening to everything you
 think, speak, and act. The Genie assumes that everything you
 think about, you want! That everything you speak about, you 
want! That everything you act upon is what you want! You are the 
Master of the Universe, and the Genie is there to serve you. The
 Genie never questions your commands. You think it, and the Genie
 immediately begins to leverage the Universe, through people, cir-
cumstances, and events, to fulfill your wish.

                                                                                     How to Use the Secret 47

The Creative Process 

The Creative Process used in The Secret, which was taken from the
 New Testament in the Bible, is an easy guideline for you to create 
what you want in three simple steps.  

Step 1: Ask


 The first step is to ask. Make a command to the Universe. Let the 
Universe know what you want. The Universe responds to your 


What do you really want? Sit down and write it out on a 
piece of paper. Write it in the present tense. You might begin 
by writing, "I am so happy and grateful now that..." And
 then explain how you want your life to be, in every area.

 You get to choose what you want, but you must get clear about 
what you want. This is your work. If you're not clear, then the law 
of attraction cannot bring you what you want. You will be sending 
out a mixed frequency and you can only attract mixed results. For 
the first time in your life perhaps, work out what it is you really 
want. Now that you know you can have, be, or do anything, and 
there are no limits, what do you want? 

                                                         How to Use the Secret 48
 Asking is the first step in the Creative Process, so make it a habit to 
ask. If you have to make a choice and you don't know which way
 to go, ask! You should never be stumped on anything in your life.
Just ask! 


This is really fun. It's like having the Universe as your 
catalogue. You flip through it and say, "I'd like to have this 
experience and I'd like to have that product and I'd like to 
have a person like that." It is You placing your order with the
 Universe. It's really that easy. 

You do not have to ask over and over again. Just ask once. It is 
exactly like placing an order from a catalogue. You only ever order 
something once. You don't place an order and then doubt the order
 has been received and so place the order again, and then again, and
 then again. You order once. It is the same with the Creative Process. 
Step One is simply your step to get clear about what you want. As 
you get clear in your mind, you have asked. 

Step 2: Believe


Step two is believe. Believe that it's already yours. Have what 
I love to call unwavering faith. Believing in the unseen.

                                                          How to Use the Secret 49
You must believe that you have received. You must know that what 
you want is yours the moment you ask. You must have complete 
and utter faith. If you had placed an order from a catalogue you
 would relax/ know you are going to receive what you ordered, and 
get on with your life. 

"See the things that you want as already yours. 
Know that they will come to you at need. Then
 let them come. Don't fret and worry about them.
 Don't think about your lack of them. Think of
 them as yours, as belonging to you, as already in
 your possession."                                                          Robert Collier(1885-1950)

In the moment you ask, and believe and know you already have it
 in the unseen, the entire Universe shifts to bring it into the seen.
 You must act, speak, and think, as though you are receiving it now. 
Why? The Universe is a mirror, and the law of attraction is mir-
roring back to you your dominant thoughts. So doesn't it make 
sense that you have to see yourself as receiving it? If your thoughts 
contain noticing you do not have it yet, you will continue to at-
tract not having it yet. You must believe you have it already. You 
must believe you have received it. You have to emit the feeling
 frequency of having received it, to bring those pictures back as 
your life. When you do that, the law of attraction will powerfully
 move all circumstances, people, and events, for you to receive. 

                                                          How to Use the Secret 50
When you book a vacation, order a brand new car, or buy a house, 
you know those things are yours. You wouldn't go and book an-
other vacation for the same time, or purchase another car or house. 
If you won a lottery or received a large inheritance, even before 
you physically had the money, you know it is yours. That is the 
feeling of believing it is yours. That is the feeling of believing you 
have it already. That is the feeling of believing you have received. 
Claim the things you want by feeling and believing they are yours. 
When you do that, the law of attraction will powerfully move all 
circumstances, people, and events for you to receive. 

How do you get yourself to a point of believing? Start make-
believing. Be like a child, and make-believe. Act as if you have it
 already. As you make-believe, you will begin to believe you have
 received. The Genie is responding to your predominant thoughts 
all the time, not just in the moment you ask. That's why after 
you've asked, you must continue to believe and know. Have faith.
 Your belief that you have it, that undying faith, is your greatest 
power. When you believe you are receiving, get ready, and watch 
the magic begin! 

"You can have what you want—if you know
 how to form the mold for it in your own
 thoughts. There is no dream that may not come 
true, if you but learn to use the Creative Force
 working through you. The methods that work 
for one will work for all. The key to power lies in
 using what you have .. . freely, fully .. . and thus 

                                                          How to Use the Secret 51
opening wide your channels for more Creative 
Force to flow through you/'                       
                                       Robert Collier


The Universe will start to rearrange itself to make it happen
 for you.


Most of us have never allowed ourselves to want what we 
truly want, because toe can't see how it's going to manifest. 


If you do just a little research, it is going to become evident
 to you that anyone that ever accomplished anything, did not 
know how they were going to do it. They only knew they were
 going to do it. 


You don't need to know how it's going to come about You
 don't need to know how the Universe will rearrange itself 

How it will happen, how the Universe will bring it to you, is not
 your concern or job. Allow the Universe to do it for you. When 
you are trying to work out how it will happen, you are emitting a
 frequency that contains a lack of faith—that you don't believe you 
have it already. You think you have to do it and you do not believe 
the Universe will do it for you. The how is not your part in the
 Creative Process. 

                                                                                    How to Use the Secret 52

You don't know how, it will be shown to you. You will attract 
the way.


Most of the time, when we don't see the things that we've 
requested, we get frustrated. We get disappointed. And we
 begin to become doubtful. The doubt brings about a feeling of
 disappointment. Take that doubt and shift it. Recognize that 
feeling and replace it with a feeling of unwavering faith. "I
 know that it's on its way." 

Step 3: Receive


Step three, and the final step in the process, is to receive. 
Begin to feel wonderful about it. Feel the way you Will feel 
once it arrives. Feel it now. 


And in this process it's important to feel good, to be happy, 
because when you're feeling good you're putting yourself in 
the frequency of what you want. 


This is a feeling Universe. If you just intellectually believe 
something, but you have no corresponding feeling underneath

                                                                                    How to Use the Secret 53
 that, you don't necessarily have enough power to manifest 
what you want in your life. You have to feel it.

 Ask once, believe you have received, and all you have to do to
 receive is feel good. When you are feeling good, you are on the f
requency of receiving. You are on the frequency of all good things
 coming to you, and you will receive what you have asked for. You
 wouldn't ask for anything unless it was going to make you feel
 good in the receiving of it, would you? So get yourself on the feel
good frequency, and you will receive.

 A fast way to get yourself on that frequency is to say, "I am receiv-
ing now. I am receiving all the good in my life, now, I am receiving
 [fill in your desire] now." And feel it. Feel it as though you have 

 A dear friend of mine, Marcy, is one of the greatest manifestors I 
have seen, and she feels everything. She feels what it would feel like 
to have what she is asking for. She feels everything into existence. 
She doesn't get caught up in how, when, or where, she Just feels it 
and it then manifests. So feel good now.


When you turn that fantasy into a fact, you're in the position 
to build bigger and bigger fantasies. And that, my friend, is
 the Creative Process. 

                                                                                   How to Use the Secret 54
"Whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive."'
                                                                 Mathew 21:22

"What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe
 that ye receive them, and ye shall have them."
                                                                 Mark 11:24


The law of attraction, the study and practice of the law of 
attraction, is just figuring out what will help you generate
 the feelings of having it now. Go test drive that car. Go shop 
for that home. Get in the house. Do whatever you have to do
 to generate the feelings of having it now, and remember them. 
Whatever you can do to achieve that will help you to literally
 attract it. 

When you feel as though you have it now, and the feeling is so real 
that it is like you have it already, you are believing that you have 
received/ and you will receive. 


It could be you wake up and it's just there. It's manifested. Or, 
you might get some inspired idea of some action to take. You 
certainly shouldn't be saying, "Well, I could do it this way, 
but man, I would hate that." You 're not on the right track if 
that's the case. 

                                                          How to Use the Secret 55
Action will sometimes be required, but if you're really doing
 it in line with what the Universe is trying to bring to you, it's 
going to feel joyous. You're going to feel so alive. Time will 
just stop. You could do it all day. 

Action is a word that can imply "work" to some people, but in-
spired action will not feel like work at all. The difference between
 inspired action and action is this: Inspired action is when you are
 acting to receive. If you are in action to try and make it happen,
 you have slipped backward. Inspired action is effortless, and it
 feels wonderful because you are on the frequency of receiving.

 Imagine life as a fast-moving riven When you are acting to make 
something happen it will feel as if you are going against the current 
of the river. It will feel hard and like a struggle. When you are act-
ing to receive from the Universe, you will feel as if you are flowing 
with the current of the river. It will feel effortless. That is the feel-
ing of inspired action, and of being in the flow of the Universe and 

Sometimes you will not even be aware you used "action" until 
after you've received, because the acting felt so good. You will then 
look back and see the wonder and matrix of how the Universe car-
ried you to what you wanted, and also brought what you wanted 
to you. 


The Universe likes speed. Don't delay. Don't second guess.
 Don't doubt. When the opportunity is there, when the impulse 

                                                          How to Use the Secret 56
is there, when the intuitive nudge from within is there, act. 
That's your job. And that's all you have to do.

Trust your instincts. It's the Universe inspiring you. It's the Universe 
communicating with you on the receiving frequency. If you have an 
intuitive or instinctive feeling, follow it, and you will find that the 
Universe is magnetically moving you to receive what you asked for. 


You will attract everything that you require. If it's money you
 need you will attract it. If it's people you need you'll attract
 it. If it's a certain book you need you'll attract it. You've got
 to pay attention to what you're attracted to, because as you 
hold images of what you want, you're going to be attracted to
 things and they're going to be attracted to you. But it literally
 moves into physical reality with and through you. And it does
 that by law. 

Remember that you are a magnet, attracting everything to you.
 When you have gotten clear in your mind about what you want
 you have become a magnet to draw those things to you, and those 
things you want are magnetized to you in return. The more you
 practice and begin to see the law of attraction bringing things to 
you, the greater the magnet you will become, because you will add 
the power of faith, belief, and knowing.


You can start with nothing, and out of nothing and out of no 
way, a way will be made. 

                                                         How to Use the Secret 57
 All you require is You, and your ability to think things into being. 
Everything that has been invented and created throughout the 
history of humankind began with one thought. From that one 
thought a way was made, and it manifested from the invisible
 into the visible. 


Think of a car driving through the night The headlights only
 go a hundred to two hundred feet forward, and you can make
 it all the way from California to New York driving through 
the dark, because all you have to see is the next two hundred 
feet. And that's how life tends to unfold before us. If we just
 trust that the next two hundred feet will unfold after that,
 and the next two hundred feet will unfold after that, your
 life will keep unfolding. And it will eventually get you to 
the destination of whatever it is you truly want, because you 
want it.

 Trust the Universe. Trust and believe and have faith. I truly had no
 idea how I was going to bring the knowledge of The Secret onto
 the movie screen. I just held to the outcome of the vision, I saw the
 outcome clearly in my mind, I felt it with all my might, and every-
thing that we needed to create The Secret came to us.

 "Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see
 the whole staircase. Just take the first step."
                                             Dr Martin Luther King Jr (1929-1968)

                                                                                    How to Use the Secret 58

The Secret and Your Body

Let's look at using the Creative Process for those who feel they are 
overweight and who want to lose weight.

 The first thing to know is that if you focus on losing weight, you
 will attract back having to lose more weight so get "having to lose
 weight" out of your mind. It's the very reason why diets don't
 work. Because you are focused on losing weight, you must attract 
back continually having to lose weight. 

The second thing to know is that the condition of being over-
weight was created through your thought to it. To put it in the most
 basic terms, if someone is overweight, it came from thinking "fat
 thoughts/' whether that person was aware of it or not. A person can-
not think "thin thoughts" and be fat. It completely defies the law of 

Whether people have been told they have a slow thyroid, a slow
 metabolism, or their body size is hereditary, these are all disguises
 for thinking "fat thoughts." If you accept any of those conditions as
 applicable to you, and you believe it, it must become your experi-
ence, and you will continue to attract being overweight. 

After I had my two daughters I was overweight, and I know it 
came from listening to and reading the messages that it is hard to
 lose weight after having a baby, and even harder after the second
 baby. I summoned exactly that to me with those "fat thoughts," 

                                                            How to Use the Secret 59
and it became my experience. I really "beefed up," and the more I
 noticed how I had "beefed up," the more "beefing up" I attracted. 
With a small frame, I became a hefty 143 pounds, all because I was
 thinking "fat thoughts." 

The most common thought that people hold, and I held it too, is
 that food was responsible for my weight gain. That is a belief that
 does not serve you, and in my mind now it is complete balderdash! 
Food is not responsible for putting on weight. It is your thought that
 food is responsible for putting on weight that actually has food put 
on weight. Remember, thoughts are primary cause of everything, 
and the rest is effects from those thoughts. Think perfect thoughts 
and the result must be perfect weight.

 Let go of all those limiting thoughts. Food cannot cause you to put 
on weight unless you think it can.

 The definition of the perfect weight is the weight that feels good for
 you. No one else's opinion counts. It is the weight that feels good
 for you. 

You most likely know of someone who is thin and eats like a horse, 
and they proudly declare, "I can eat whatever I want and I am al-
ways the perfect weight." And so the Genie of the Universe says,
 "Your wish is my command!"

 To attract your perfect weight and body using the Creative Process, 
follow these steps: 

                                                                                    How to Use the Secret 60
Step 1: Ask

Get clear on the weight you want to be. Have a picture in your 
mind of what you will look like when you have become that per-
fect weight. Get pictures of yourself at your perfect weight, if you
 have them, and look at them often. If not, get pictures of the body
 you would like to have and look at those often. 

Step 2: Believe

You must believe you will receive and that the perfect weight is
 yours already. You must imagine, pretend, act as if, make-believe,
 that the perfect weight is yours. You must see yourself as receiving 
that perfect weight. 

Write out your perfect weight and place it over the readout of your 
scale, or don't weigh yourself at all. Do not contradict what you 
have asked for with your thoughts, words, and actions. Don't buy
 clothes at your current weight. Have faith and focus on the clothes 
you are going to buy. Attracting the perfect weight is the same
 as placing an order with the catalogue of the Universe. You look
 through the catalogue, choose the perfect weight, place your order,
 and then it is delivered to you. 

Make it your intention to look for, admire, and inwardly praise 
people with your idea of perfect-weight bodies. Seek them out and

                                                            How to Use the Secret 61
 as you admire them and feel the feelings of that—you are summon-
ing it to you. If you see people who are overweight, do not observe
 them, but immediately switch your mind to the picture of you in 
your perfect body and feel it.  

Step 3: Receive

You must feel good. You must feel good about You. This is impor-
tant, because you cannot attract your perfect weight if you feel bad 
about your body now. If you feel bad about your body, that is a
 powerful feeling, and you will continue to attract feeling bad about 
your body. You will never change your body if you are critical of 
it and find fault with it, and in fact you will attract more weight to
 you. Praise and bless every square inch of your body. Think about
 all the perfect things about You. As you think perfect thoughts, as
 you feel good about You, you are on the frequency of your perfect
 weight, and you are summoning perfection. 

Wallace Wattles shares a wonderful tip about eating in one of his
 books. He recommends that when you eat, make sure you are en-
tirely focused on the experience of chewing the food. Keep your 
mind present and experience the sensation of eating food, and 
do not allow your mind to drift to other things. Be present in
 your body and enjoy all the sensations of chewing the food in
 your mouth and swallowing it. Try it the next time you are eat-
ing. When you are completely present as you eat, the flavor of the
 food is so intense and magnificent; when you let your mind drift.

                                                         How to Use the Secret 62
the flavor virtually disappears. I am convinced that if we can eat 
our food in the present, entirely focused on the pleasurable expe-
rience of eating, the food is assimilated into our bodies perfectly,
 and the result in our bodies must be perfection. 

The end of the story about my own weight is that I now maintain
 my perfect weight of 116 pounds and I can eat whatever I want. So, 
focus on your perfect weight!

How Long Does It Takes?


Another thing people wonder about is, "How long will it take
 to manifest the car, the relationship, the money?" I don't have 
any rulebook that says it's going to take thirty minutes or 
three days or thirty days. It's more a matter of you being in 
alignment with the Universe itself. 

Time is just an illusion. Einstein told us that. If this is the first time 
you have heard it, you may find it a hard concept to get your head 
around, because you see everything happening—one thing after
 the other. What quantum physicists and Einstein tell us is that ev-
erything is happening simultaneously. If you can understand that 
there is no time, and accept that concept, then you will see that 
whatever you want in the future already exists. If everything is
 happening at the one time, then the parallel version of you with 
what you want already exists! 

                                                            How to Use the Secret 63
 It takes no time for the Universe to manifest what you want. Any
 time delay you experience is due to your delay in getting to the 
place of believing, knowing, and feeling that you already have it. It 
is you getting yourself on the frequency of what you want When 
you are on that frequency, then what you want will appear.


Size is nothing to the Universe. It is no more difficult to
 attract, on a scientific level, something that we consider huge
 to something that we consider infinitesimally small. 

The Universe does everything with zero effort. The grass 
doesn't strain to grow. It's effortless. It's just this great design.

 It's all about what's going on in your mind. It's about what
 we put in place, saying, ''This is big, it's going to take some
 time." And, "This is small. I'll give it an hour." Those are 
our rules that we define. There are no rules according to the
 Universe. You provide the feelings of having it now; it will 
respond—whatever it is. 

There is no time for the Universe and there is no size for the Uni-
verse. It is as easy to manifest one dollar as it is to manifest one
 million dollars. It is the same process, and the only reason why
 one may come faster and the other may take longer is because you
 thought that a million dollars was a lot of money and that one dol-
lar was not very much.

                                                                                    How to Use the Secret 64 

Some people have an easier time with little things, and so we 
sometimes say start with something small, like a cup of coffee. 
Make it your intention to attract a cup of coffee today. 


Hold an image of talking to an old friend that you haven't
 seen for a long time. Somehow or another somebody's going to 
start talking to you about that person. That person's going to
 phone you or you'll get a letter from her. 

Starting with something small is an easy way to experience the law
 of attraction with your own eyes. Let me share a story with you of
 a young man who did exactly that. He watched The Secret and he
 decided to start with something small. 

He created a picture of a feather in his mind/ and he made sure this 
feather was unique. He created particular markings on the feather 
so he would know without any doubt that if he saw this feather, 
it had come to him through his intentional use of the law of at-

Two days later, he was about to walk into a high-rise building on
 a street in New York City. He said he did not know why, but he 
just happened to look down. There at his feet, at the entrance to a
 high-rise building in New York City, was the feather! Not just any
 feather, but the exact feather he had imagined. It was identical to
 the picture he had created in his mind, with all of its unique mark-
ings. In that moment he knew, without a shred of doubt, that this 

                                                               How to Use the Secret 65
was the law of attraction working in all its glory. He realized his
 amazing ability and power to attract something to himself through
 the power of his mind. With total faith, he has now moved onto 
creating much bigger things. 


 People are amazed at how I line up parking
 spaces. I've done this right from when I first
 understood The Secret. I would visualize a parking space 
exactly where I wanted it, and 95 percent of the time it would
 be therefore me and I would just pull straight in. Five percent 
of the time I'd have to wait just a minute or two, and the
 person would pull out and I'd pull in, I do that all the time.

 Now you might understand why a person who says, "I always get
parking spaces," gets them. Or why a person who says, "I am re-
ally lucky, I win things all the time," wins one thing after another,
all the time. These people expect it. Begin to expect great things, and
 as you do, you will create your life in advance.

                                                                                    How to Use the Secret 66

Create Your Day In Adrance

You can use the law of attraction to create your whole life in ad-
vance, right down to the next thing you are doing today Prentice
Mulford, a teacher whose writings share so many insights into the
law of attraction and how to use it, demonstrates how important it
is to think your day in advance.

"When you say to yourself 'I am going to have
 a pleasant visit or a pleasant journey/ you are
 literally sending elements and forces ahead
 of your body that will arrange things to make
 your visit or journey pleasant. When before the
visit or the journey or the shopping trip you
are in a bad humor, or fearful or apprehensive
 of something unpleasant, you are sending
unseen agencies ahead of you which will make
 some kind of unpleasantness. Our thoughts,
or in other words, our state of mind, is ever
 at work 'fixing up' things good or bad in
                         Prentice Mulford

Prentice Mulford wrote those words in the 1870s. What a pioneer!
You can see clearly how important it is to think in advance every
event in every day. You will no doubt have experienced the oppo-

                                                          How to Use the Secret 67
 site of thinking your day in advance, and one of the repercussions
of that is having to rush and hurry.

 If you are rushing or hurrying, know that those thoughts and ac-
tions are based in fear (fear of being late) and you are "fixing up"
 bad things ahead for you. As you continue to rush, you will attract
 one bad thing after another into your path. In addition to that, the
law of attraction is "fixing up" more future circumstances that will
cause you to rush and hurry. You must stop and move yourself off
 that frequency. Take a few moments and shift yourself, if you don't
want to summon bad things to you.

 Many people, particularly in Western societies, chase "time" and
complain that they don't have enough time. Well, as someone says
that they don't have enough time, so it must be by the law of at-
traction. If you have been chasing your tail with thoughts of not
having enough time, from now on declare emphatically, "I have
more than enough time," and change your life.

 You can also turn waiting into a powerful time to create your fu-
ture life. Next time you are in a situation where you are waiting,
 seize that time and imagine having all the things you want. You
 can do this anywhere, anytime. Turn every life situation into a
positive one!

Make it a daily habit to determine every event in your life in advance,
 through your thoughts. Set the Universal forces ahead of you in every-
thing you do and everywhere you go, by thinking the way you want
 it to go in advance. Then you are creating your life intentionally.

     Secret Summaries

•  Like Aladdin's Genie, the law of attraction grants our every

 • The Creative Process helps you create what you want in three sim-
ple steps: ask, believe, and receive.

• Asking the Universe for what you want is your opportunity to get
 clear about what you want. As you get clear in your mind, you have

 • Believing involves acting, speaking, and thinking as though you
 have already received what you've asked for. When you emit the
frequency of having received it, the law of attraction moves people,
 events, and circumstances for you to receive.

• Receiving involves feeling the way you will feel once your desire
 has manifested. Feeling good now puts you on the frequency of what
 you want.

 • To lose weight, don't focus on "losing weight." Instead, focus on
your perfect weight. Feel the feelings of your perfect weight, and
 you will summon it to you.

• It takes no time for the Universe to manifest what you want. It is as
easy to manifest one dollar as it is to manifest one million dollars.

 • Starting with something small, like a cup of coffee or parking
spaces, is an easy way to experience the law of attraction in action.
 Powerfully intend to attract something small As you experience the
power you have to attract, you will move on to creating much big-
ger things.

• Create your day in advance by thinking the way you want it to go,
and you will create your life intentionally.





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