WHO WILL CRY WHEN YOU DIE [CHAPTER 15]....... Care for the Temple


                 Care for the Temple

A few months ago, I had lunch with a colleague in the speaking profession. As we discussed the things we did in our lives to stay focused, balanced and at our peak amid the demands of our busy schedules, he made a powerful point. “Robin,” he said, “many people regularly go to a church or temple to stay grounded and centered. I’m a little different. I go to the gym – that’s my temple.” He added that no matter how busy he is, at 5:30 P.M. he closes his office and makes the “daily pilgrimage” to his gym to run a few miles on the treadmill. Nothing can stop him from taking this time to ensure his health and happiness.
    My friend’s observation made me think of a saying of the ancient Romans that I quoted in my first book MegaLiving, “mens sana in corpora sano,” which is Latin for “in a sound body rests a sound mind.” It also made me realize that our bodies need to be treated like temples and considered sacred if we hope to live life fully and completely. Regular exercise will not only improve your health, it will help you think more clearly, boost creativity and manage the relentless stress that seems to dominate our days. And research has proven that exercise will not only add life to your years, it could add years to your life. One study of 18,000 Harvard alumni found that every hour spent on exercise added three hours of the participant’s lives. Few investments will yield a better return than time spent on physical fitness. And remember: “Those who don’t make time for exercise must eventually make time for illness.”
    In my own life, I have set the goal of swimming five times a week. There is something special about the renewing power of swimming that I cannot begin to describe. I wish I could say I achieve this goal every single week, but I can’t. Yet, having such a lofty objective keeps me focused on how important staying in peak physical condition is for my overall well – being and to the quality of my life. Without fail, every workout in the swimming pool brings the same results: I feel energized, serene, balanced and happy. And my exercise sessions also bring me something that I feel is truly priceless: perspective. After my forty – minutes swims, and challenges I might be struggling with seem smaller, and worries I have become trivial and I find myself living fully in the present moment. The act of caring for my physical temple reminds me that life’s greatest pleasures are often life’s simplest ones.





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