WHO WILL CRY WHEN YOU DIE [CHAPTER 17].......Think About Your Ideal Neighborhood

           Think About Your Ideal


One of the things I have done along my quest for self – knowledge is to make a list of all the people I wished lived next door to me. These are men and women from both the past and present who I would love to be able to drop in on for a quick cup of tea every once in a while and share a laugh with from time to time. The every act of listening your “ideal neighbors” will connect you to many of the values and traits you respect the most in people and, in doing so, help you to discover about yourself as a person. It is also a fun way to spend 30 minutes of your life.
          Here are some of the people on my list:
  Norman Vincent Peale, the famed author of The Power of Positive Thinking
  Henry David Thoreau, the great American philosopher and the author of Walden, one of my favorite books
  Baltasar Gracian, the Jesuit scholar who became one of Spain’s greatest writers
  Billie Holiday, the great jazz singer
  Nelson Mandela, the freedom fighter
  Og Mandino, self – help author of such classics as ABetter Way to                                  Live and University of Success
  Mother Teresa, the respected humanitarian
  Richard Branson, the British tycoon and adventurer
  Pierre Elliott Trudeau, the colorful Canadian prime minister.
  Miles Davis, the legendary trumpeter
  Muhammad Ali, the world champion boxer
  Benjamin Franklin, the renowned statesman

Take a moment right now to jot down some of the people whom you wished lived on your street. Then think about the qualities that make these men and women so admirable and how you might foster such qualities in your own life. The first step to realizing your life vision is defining it. And the first step to becoming the person you want to be is identifying the traits of the person you want to be.





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