WHO WILL CRY WHEN YOU DIE [CHAPTER 25]......Bless Your Money

            Bless Your Money

If you ever get to London, England, visit Foyle’s, which is among the oldest bookstores in the city. I have found more gems by browsing along its dusty shelves than in any other bookshop I have visited around the world. Being a dedicated student of self – help literature myself, I generally gravitate to that section in the store. I always look for a little – known work that will offer me a few new insights on the art of living and help me improve the quality of my own life. And in Foyle’s, I always find one.

     A few years back, I found a book entitled Bring Out the Magic in Your Mind. It was written almost thirty years ago by a man named Al Koran, who was then known as “the Finest Mental Magician in the World.” In a chapter entitled “The Secret of Wealth” he writes the following: “When you send your money out, remember always to bless it. Ask it to bless everybody that it touches, and command it to go out and feed the hungry and clothe the naked, and command it to come back to you a million – fold. Don’t pass over this lightly. I am serious.”
     Over the next few days, why not follow Al Koran’s advice and see what happens? When you pay for your groceries, silently bless all those who have helped bring this food to you: the farmers who have grown it, the delivery people who have carried it and the store clerks who have stocked it. If you are writing a check for your children’s education, why not give silent appreciation to all the teachers who are spending their days shaping the minds of your kids and to all the others who make their work possible? When you pull out a few bills to buy that magazine off the rack in a convenience store, bless the person who is toiling away behind the counter and hope the money adds value to the quality of his or her life. As that timeless truth says, “The hand that gives is the hand that gathers.”





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