WHO WILL CRY WHEN YOU DIE [CHAPTER 51]......Drink Fresh Fruit Juice

            Drink Fresh Fruit Juice

The foods you consume affects your moods as well as the clarity of your thinking. This is why the ancient sages ate only light foods. They knew that anything more would disturb the perfectly peaceful minds they had worked so hard to cultivate and disrupt their meditations on the true meaning of life.
    If you owned an expensive Formula One race car, you wouldn’t think of fueling it with anything less than premium – grade gas. Anything else would reduce its performance. So why would you put anything less than the best foods into your body, which is an even more valuable performance vehicle? Eating the wrong foods, in large quantities, will reduce your energy level, affect your health and prevent your mind from serving you to its fullest capacity. Realizing that for every greasy lunch you have, you will suffer a corresponding reduction in your level of motivation and effectiveness is the first step to developing more disciplined eating habits.
    One of the best strategies I can share with you to boost both your energy level and your mood is to get into the daily habit of drinking fresh fruit juice. On the counter of our kitchen at home sits one of my prized possessions, one that has added years to my life and life to my years: my juice machine. Investing in a juicer and discovering the life – giving value of fresh juice is a smart move. The juices you can make taste great and I cannot begin to describe how wonderful you will feel once you start drinking a glass of strawberry – apple or orange – grape juice every morning before you leave for work. The best book I have found on the subject of juicing is The Juice man’s Power of Juicing by Jay Kordich. The recipes Kordich shares in this book are worth the price alone.





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