WHO WILL CRY WHEN YOU DIE [CHAPTER 74]........Create a Daily Code of Conduct

            Create a Daily Code of Conduct

It is easy to live your life like a leaf in the fall wind, moving in whatever direction the wind blows that day. To create a great life, you must live more intentionally, deliberately and passionately so that you live on your own terms rather than on someone else’s. The real challenge is that with so much to do, it is easy to allow life to act on you and watch the days quickly slip into weeks, then into months and finally into years. But I have a solution.
   In my own life I have created what I call my Daily Code of Conduct. It is simple three paragraphs containing the values, virtues and vows I have determined through much reflection that I need to live by in order for my life to be a fulfilling one. For example, part of the first paragraph states, “Over the next twenty – four hours I vow to appreciate this day, as it is all I really have, and to use every minute wisely and fully. So much can be done over the next twenty – four hours to advance my life’s agenda and complete my legacy. I will, through this day, remember that this day could be my last and that no great person ever died with their music still within them.” My code then outlines my dearest values and vows as they relate to my family, my community and myself.
   Reading my Daily Code of Conduct at the very beginning of the day, during the “Base Camp” period I described in an earlier lesson, reminds me of the things that matter most in my life and reconnect me to my highest priorities, priorities that are so easily forgotten in the blur of daily events. After reading my code, I feel energized, committed and ready to go out into the world with a renewed sense of purpose and focus. Creating your own Daily Code of Conduct will do the same for you.



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