Be Humble

One of the traits I respect most in people is humility. “The tree that has the most fruits is the tree that bends to the ground,” my father taught me as I was growing up. And though there are some exceptions, I have found in my own experience that it is true – the person who knows the most, who have achieved the most and who have lived the most are also the people closest to the ground. In a word, they are humble.
   There is something special about being in the presence of a person who is humble. Practicing humility shows that you respect others and reminds us that there is so much for us yet to learn. It sends a signal to those around you that you are open to receiving the gift of their knowledge and listening to what they have to say.
   I have had the privilege of meeting many famous people in my life. One of my biggest thrills was meeting the world champion boxer Muhammad Ali. Contrary to the cocky and loud image he cultivated in the media, in person he was a true gentleman and the very model of humility. When I had the good fortune to meet him in Los Angeles, he asked more questions about me than I asked about him. He spoke softly and radiated a warmth and decency that spoke volumes about the man he is. Muhammed Ali taught me that the more you are as a person, the lesson you need to prove yourself to others.



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