WHO WILL CRY WHEN YOU DIE [CHAPTER 80].....Make a Vow of Silence

            Make a Vow of Silence

The Buddhist monks have a favorite strategy to build willpower – one that has been used by many cultures over the years to create enormous amounts of inner strength and resolve. It is the vow of silence. Staying quiet for even short periods of time builds willpower and self – control because you exert force on your will by not giving in to the impulse to talk.
   So many people talk far more than they have do. Rather than speaking precisely and communicating only what needs to be said, all to often we go on and on. This in itself reveals a lack of discipline. Discipline involves saying exactly what needs to be said and preserving your precious mental energy by not talking more than you have to. Measured, precise speech is also a sign of clear thought and of a serene mind.
    A strategy that you can apply today to improve your personal discipline is to keep a vow of silence for one hour a day over the next seven. Don’t speak at all during this silent time. Or if you must, speak only in direct response to a question and offer a clear, crisp answer rather than rattling on about everything from what was on TV last night to where you hope to vacation this summer. The vow of silence can be adopted politely and warmly. The idea is to make you stronger and to enhance your will, not to hinder your relationships. Within a matter of days, you will feel a sense of mastery and strength growing within you. Judge by the results: they will speak for themselves.



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