WHO WILL CRY WHEN YOU DIE [CHAPTER 85].....Have a Family Mealtime

            Have a Family Mealtime

One of the many great family traditions my wonderful mother created fro us when I was growing up was having a family meal every day. No matter what activities we had on the go, my father, my brother and I were duty – bound to come home for a dinner, where we could all reconnect and share our stories about the day that was drawing to a close.
    My dad would often go around the dinner table and ask us to share one new thing we had learned. Or he would pull out a newspaper clipping he had tucked away in his shirt pocket and engage us in a lively discussion relating to the story. The special tradition of a daily family meal brought our family closer and gave me many happy memories. It is a tradition I have now brought into my own family life and one I hope my children will continue.
   Your family meal does not have to be dinner. We live in busy times. We have endless personal commitments, our children have soccer practices, piano lessons and ballet classes, which might make it difficult to have a quiet meal in the early evening hours. Your family meal could take place over breakfast or lunch if your schedule allows for it. It might even be a quick snack of milk and cookies at the very end of the day. The important thing is that you find some time every day to “break bread” with those you love most and consistently work at building a richer, more meaningful family life.



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