WHO WILL CRY WHEN YOU DIE [CHAPTER 94].....Take More Pictures

            Take More Pictures

Every life is worth living. And given this, every life is worth recording. So often a friend will tell me about a breathtaking sight on a recent vacation or something hilarious his child did at the Christmas concert or about someone famous he has met. “Did you get it on film?” I ask. “I’d love to see the photo.” “Next time,” comes the reply. “I didn’t have time to pick up a new roll. But let me try and describe what happened to you.”
   A picture truly is worth a thousand words. Photographs capture and record life’s greatest memories so that we can re – live them as the years go by. As I grew up, my father constantly took pictures of our family. Whether it was a family picnic, the first time I took his car out for a spin, or a simple gathering with friends, he was there taking pictures. Often, while he asked us to smile for the camera, I would grow impatient and gently ask him to take the photo quickly. “You don’t need to take so many photos, Dad,” I would say. “What are we going to do with them all?”
   Well now, as the years have quietly slipped by, I know what to do with all those photos. They have gone into albums that form part of the story of life’s passage. They provide my own children with endless hours of amusement and offer our entire family a wonderful way to reflect on the simple things that have meant so much to us.
   Take more pictures. Record the best times of your life. Collect photographs of the things that have made you smile or cry or appreciate the many blessings this world provides. Always carry a disposable camera in your car and two in your luggage when you travel. You might be surprised how good you will feel when you go through your albums years from now.



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