The Girl In Room 105[CHAPTER 29]

 Chapter 29

‘Airport?’ Saurabh said. He looked confused, as did Safdar and Faiz.

Raghu sat still, staring at the empty chair opposite him.

‘I don’t understand what is going on,’ Safdar said finally. ‘He was admitted in a hospital in Hyderabad. I checked with his parents too.’

‘Rana obtained his phone records as well. His cell phone tower location was near Apollo Hospital that night,’ Saurabh said.

Raghu laughed. He turned to me.

‘See, they still don’t believe it. Do you see how tight my plan was?’

‘Not tight enough, obviously.’

‘Bhai, I am serious. Tell us what is going on,’ Saurabh wailed.

‘Do you have any travel app on your phone?’ I said.

‘I have Cleartrip and MakeMyTrip. Why?’

‘Open any one of them. Search for flights, let’s say, for tomorrow night.

The route is Hyderabad to Delhi and back the next morning.’

Saurabh worked on his phone for a few seconds.

‘There are fifteen direct flights daily,’ Saurabh said.

‘When is the last flight? Hyderabad to Delhi,’ I said.

‘IndiGo 6E766 leaves Hyderabad at 11:30 p.m. and reaches Delhi at 1:10 a.m.,’ Saurabh said.

I looked at Saurabh and smiled.

‘Wow,’ Saurabh said. ‘I get it. He takes this flight, lands here at 1:10

a.m., goes to IIT.’

‘At that time, less than half an hour from the airport.’

‘Damn, he snuck away from the hospital,’ Saurabh said as he understood Raghu’s game plan.

‘Yes. Nicely done, isn’t it?’

‘Oh,’ Saurabh said. ‘So all those chats you had with Zara that night before she died?’

‘Obviously,’ I said, ‘Raghu.’

‘Oh, no,’ Saurabh said, as he gave me a concerned look.

‘Never mind,’ I said. ‘Now check the first morning flight from Delhi to Hyderabad.’

‘IndiGo 6E765. Leaves Delhi at 4:55 a.m., arrives in Hyderabad at 7:05

a.m.,’ Saurabh said.

‘He lands back in Hyderabad early morning, so no traffic again and he can reach Apollo in thirty minutes. Back in his bed by 7:45 for sure.’

‘Oh,’ Faiz said, as he also understood how Raghu had done it. Safdar sat stiffly, still in shock.

‘You said his phone location…’ Safdar said.

‘Oh, yeah,’ Saurabh said. ‘Rana checked the phone tower location. In fact, he had messaged to wish her at midnight sharp. He showed you the chats when you were at Social.’

‘Yeah, I know,’ I said.

‘Actually, bhai, how did you even suspect—’ Saurabh started to ask, but I interrupted him.

‘Golu, remember I told you I was going on a trip?’

‘Yes, around a week ago.’

‘I went to Hyderabad.’

‘Why?’ Saurabh said.




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