The Girl In Room 105[CHAPTER 31]


Chapter 31

Raghu clapped, startling everyone.

‘What? Someone should appreciate Keshav’s hard work,’ Raghu said and laughed.

‘What’s so funny?’ Saurabh said.

‘I underestimated this idiot,’ Raghu said.

‘You overestimated yourself, you asshole,’ Saurabh said.

‘But who beat him up?’ Safdar said.

‘Uncle, someone who can create a thousand-crore-rupee company can’t arrange some goons to do a hit job on himself?’ I said.

‘Thorough job, fracture and everything,’ Saurabh said.

‘President’s Gold Medal winner, after all,’ I said.

‘So he gives his phone to Janie, says goodnight, slips out of the window and gets to the airport, flies to Delhi and comes back in a few hours. Air tickets?’ Saurabh said.

‘In cash, at the airport. Using a printout of a photoshopped Aadhaar card, with his picture and another name,’ I said.

‘Whoa, he really thought it through,’ Saurabh said.

‘Smart. Isn’t it, Faiz?’ I said.

Faiz was staring at Raghu with clenched fists.

‘Why, Raghu? Why did you kill her?’ Faiz said, his anger barely leashed. Raghu didn’t answer.

Faiz stood up. He punched Raghu right in the face. Raghu’s mouth began to bleed, his spectacles fell on the floor.

Raghu remained silent. Slowly, he bent to pick his spectacles. As Faiz charged to strike another blow, Raghu signalled him to stop.

‘This doesn’t hurt. I can take it. I hired men to give me a fracture, remember?’ Raghu said.

Safdar stood up then as if coming out of a coma and said in a hushed

voice, ‘She loved you so much.’

Raghu did not answer.

‘Why did you kill my little girl?’ Safdar said in the same low voice, as if wanting only to understand.

Raghu smirked.

‘Because what she did had killed me.’




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